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The Czech Republic shall be a very good golf destination for 2024

It is a safe, attractive, beautiful and cheap country with great weather and increasing number of sunny days. Offer your clients a trip to the Czech Republic better than others.

It is not only Prague, Cesky Krumlov and Karlovy Vary. Indulge your clients with a great golf experience in the heart of Europe and let them discover new places with an atmosphere of local colourite. We will give you all important information and we will provide all services in a quality and reliable manner.

All more than 100 golf courses are concentrated in several regions which are different from each other by nature and demography. We know all local specifics and we can always recommend the most interesting details.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful and colourful country where all you have to do is to drive a few kilometers and you will be able to get a view of a surprisingly different landscape. Just head in the right direction and the look of cities and villages will miraculously change and you will play on different interesting courses than you played yesterday.

We will take care of your clients according to their needs - luxury or inexpensive golf stays, explanation of history and present, culture and entertainment. We provide complete services.

The Czech Republic as a golf destination is great for those who require something new and quality. It is an extremely comfortable country especially once you have a reliable local partner.

Let's use our knowledge and experience in your favour. Contact us for further details and requests. We look forward to our cooperation.

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